Dec 6 2013

Tinning Street’s Smash & Grab is TOMORRRRRROW

Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab

Bring a wad of twentys! You might have to fight me for the Shaun Tan pieces…

Taken from the event page:

“Smash and Grab is going to be a crazy night of art fun.

Over 150 original artworks for sale at $20 each!!

Here’s how I suggest your evening plays out…


Frock up, hop on your bike or whatever, don’t forget to eat, and for f*%#’s sake don’t forget a fist full of $20 notes!!

//6pm// Arrive at Tinning Street!


Eyeball the artworks, choose the works you like best, devise plans to make sure you are going to get to them first (nothing violent please), make sure you have enough $20 notes (change some at the gallery if not).

//7pm sharp//

Get in there! Grab your work and put a $20 note in it’s place!!

//7:30 til 9pm//

Hang around, enjoy yourself, compare sweet artwork scores with friends, have a boogie courtesy of super awesome party, highfive me, and so on!!”

Dec 6 2013


it goes

instagram view on instagram…

#stickers #somanystickers #itgoesitgoesitgoesitgoes #noided

Nov 23 2013



instagram view on instagram…

Just finished off my cards for @tinningstreet’s #smashandgrab exhibition (in typical Shea edge to edge fashion). See all you kids Saturday 7th December. GET THERE BEFORE 7PM!! #tinningstreet #art #drawing #pencil #prints #rare

Oct 2 2013

Edgar the dog

Mar 12 2013


Feb 3 2013

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Nov 16 2012

#FridayNightArtDorks Success

Nov 9 2012

Oh deer…